5 Reasons - Why to leave garage door fitting to the professionals

5 Reasons - Why to leave garage door fitting to the professionals

Bent doors, squeaky hinges, slow door opening – A lack of advice and mistakes when attempting to fit a garage door yourself, quickly spoils the pleasure of having a new door and could even cause serious injuries. At Evenglide Garage Doors, we’ve seen a range of installations that were self-attempted without prior knowledge of garage door systems. This has led to damaged garage doors and building structures, which then causes difficulties and greater expenses to safely install a new garage door correctly!

We’ve found that the best process is to involve professionals from the start. This ensures you’re not wasting your time and money or risking your safety. A trained garage door specialist will know about the different types of garage doors and their individual requirements, offering good advice and professionally fitting all components of the door. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve put together our top 5 reasons why to leave garage door fitting to the professionals!

Safely dismantling the existing or old garage door

Usually we find that when you are ordering a new garage door, there is an existing or old garage door that is being replaced, which means it must be removed for the new garage door to be installed. However, extreme care must be taken when dismantling garage doors, as they will have springs, cable or railings that are under immense tension. A garage door commonly feels lighter than you would imagine when you are manually opening the garage door. This is due to the springs, cables and the railing of the garage system taking most of that weight and tension so that the garage door itself is only ‘guided’.

Any attempt to dismantle a garage door without trained garage door expertise is not recommended by manufactures or garage door companies. The parts of a garage system can cause serious injuries, because the garage door parts are under high tension which could cause injure if disassembled incorrectly. Additionally, the garage door itself could fall over once tension is released.

Your safety is always number one, so be sure to contact garage door professionals for any garage door takedown or recommendations.

Accurate Measurements for the new garage door

Height and Width are great to help know your door size, but a range of other factors will determine what type of door you will need and how it will operate correctly. The headroom, or the space above the top of the garage door opening, will need to have an allowance for you garage to travel and move.

Complete accuracy when measuring a garage door opening is important so that the door fits the garage opening, as well as allowing adequate space withing the garage to allow for operational systems. Additional measurements to check you have the right type of garage door installed for you garage space is important to ensure you have a great fitting door, that’s also fit for purpose!

Laser measurements and garage measurement systems like Evenglide Garage Doors, help determine any unlevel flooring or supporting walls so your garage door will be perfectly made to measure. This means you can be sure of receiving the door to suit your needs, which fits perfectly in the garage opening when it is installed.

Safe and Secure Installation

How the garage door system is installed to the garage structure, such as the railings for the door to sit in, is important to ensure it is installed securely and safely. Particularly with Sectional Garage Doors, that sit under the roof when fully open, it holds the entire weight of the door above cars, motorbikes and most importantly above your head!

The team at Evenglide Garage Doors has seen garage doors ‘fall’ down from the inside of garage after the they have been inadequately attached to the structure. The correct screws, plugs and equipment, such as drills, that are used to install a new garage door will be individual not only to the garage door system, but also to suit the structure of the walls and roof. This depends on a range of factors such as whether the wall is made of concrete or is steel-reinforced, for example.

Because garage doors produce a high pull and push force when they are opened or closed, it is particularly important that the guide rails are fixed to the wall with the right materials. Evenglide Garage Doors Team can provide Noggin plans when quoting a garage door to ensure there that the structure will support your new garage door system.

Quality Accessories

What was once a luxury, automatic garage door operators, is now an essential part of modern garage doors.  Automatic garage door operators should be considered directly during planning of the new garage door. Modern automatic garage openers are now made specifically for certain types, weights and uses, residential or commercial, of garage doors. It is always best to speak to a garage door professional, who can advise of the correct garage door openers to your specific garage door.

It is commonly a condition of manufacturers warranties to have their automatic garage door opener installed by an authorized dealer, in addition to regular maintenance. If you want to ensure your warranty and that important safety functions including the automatic safety cut-out work properly, you should contact the professionals, such as the Evenglide Garage Doors.

Disposing of old garage door parts correctly

After having a new garage door installed, it’s very exciting but it is important to dispose of the old door in the proper method and environmentally friendly where possible. Especially with old timber doors, they cannot be used as firewood due to the years of paint. This would release harmful chemicals into the air that should not be breathed in.

Independent disposal with local waste disposal companies can be expensive, both in the costs to dispose of the old garage door and to transport it there. Evenglide Garage Doors can also arrange for the removal of your old garage for you. One less hassle for you, so that you can relax and enjoy your brand-new garage door!

Whether you have an existing garage door that looks like it’s on its last legs or adding a garage door to your carport, you should always have professionals do the work for you. Trained garage door specialists will provide you with professional advice and knowledge to suit your individual needs and wants.

The Evenglide Garage Doors Professional Team is always happy to help with for all your garage door enquiries and needs!

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