The Evenglide Product Range

Entry and Residential Doors
Evenglide offers innovative door solutions that include thermal insulation and break-in resistance while not comprising on design and style. The Entry and internal doors are available in a wide array of styles, finishes and colours including insulated glass inserts.
Hörmann - German Collection
Evenglide offers arguably the best performing and finished doors and openers available today from Hörmann. German Quality. Stronger. Insulated. Safer.
Tilt and Counterweight Doors
Custom designed and made to ensure the utmost quality, your next project will have a one of a kind garage door.
Sectional Doors
Opening vertically, sectional doors provide maximum space both inside and in front of the garage. Available in a range of styles, surface finishes and colours, with a side door to match every garage door.
Roller Doors
A classic garage door system that provides space saving solution while still adding security. Available in a range of colours and some surface finishes to complete any project and obtain the perfect finish.
Door Automation
The automatic remote-control system is a crucial choice for any garage door or gate. At Evenglide we ensure our customers are offered only the best and most robust products, to provide the highest quality and suitability for your project needs.
Backyard Buddy
A contemporary space saving storage solution that provides you with outdoor storage you need, without encroaching on your outdoor living space. Get your backyard back with a Backyard Buddy
Evenglide can work with you to design and build the perfect gate to compliment your home or project. Whether it be swinging, sliding or pedestrian gates, the design team can accommodate both domestic and commercial applications.
Commercial and Industrial
Evenglide specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing the perfect solution for Commercial and Industrial applications, where considering such factors as high cycle usage and airflow is crucial.

Evenglide Garage Doors COVID-19 Update

The Evenglide Team is still available to assist with all enquiries, quotes and emergency servicing.

In accordance with Stage 4 Restrictions and Government guidelines our showroom is currently closed to the public, however our team are available via phone or email to assist with all your garage door and/or gate needs.

Call the Evenglide Team today on (03) 8878 4988

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