Tilt and Counterweight Doors

Tilt and Counterweight garage doors are custom designed and manufactured for each project. These types of garage doors usually open as one panel that will move vertically up and over head, sitting underneath the ceiling when open. Tilt and Counterweight garage doors comprise of a steel frame that can then be clad with most materials to achieve the desired look such as red cedar wood, patterned perforated steel or ColorBond steel.

Tilt garage doors can usually be clad with the desired material up to 170kg in weight (including the door frame, cladding, fixing method etc). Counterweight garage doors include custom weights and door automation system solutions in order to support a heavier weight of the cladding and the garage door frame.

As each tilt and counterweight garage door and opening system is custom made to each projects design and needs, this requires a process of collaboration is required in order to ensure the utmost quality in the finished product in both practicality and design aesthetic.

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