Hörmann Sectional Doors

The Hörmann German Sectional Collection is a premium range of garage doors featuring numerous safety features, thermal insulation and German design excellence, while not compromising on the magnificent amount of style options available.

The Hörmann German Sectional Doors are available in two options, LPU 42 or the LPU 67 Thermo. This collection of garage doors offers an immense amount of garage door styles, surface finishes, colours and additional options so you can perfectly match the architectural style of your project. For a complete cohesive design, we offer matching side doors to accompany your garage door.

German Sectional Garage Doors can be fitted to most garage openings and are optimally sealed with flexible and weather resistant seals. The unique form of the door sections eliminates trap points, both between the sections and on the hinges. The frames are completely closed from top to bottom so ensure there are no gaps between the door leaf and frame in which fingers could become trapped.


For your ease and benefit you can view and download the separate summarized Brochures for the Features and Types, or the Colours and Finishes of the Hörmann Residential Sectional Doors or view the entire brochure below.

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Hörmann Sectional Doors

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  • Hörmann Sectional Doors Description

    Sectional doors open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to save space both inside and in front of the garage. This allows for full use of the space inside the garage particularly in the front, in comparison to traditional roller doors that may need specific measurement to allow installation. The Hörmann German Sectional Doors are available in two options:

    • LPU 42 - This option offers good insulation with its 42mm thick sections.
    • LPU 67 Thermo - This option has 67mm sections with a thermal break that achieves excellent thermal insulation.


    In addition to the benefits of Thermal Insulation from the PU-foamed sandwich panels, they are also characterised by excellent acoustic, which creates good door leaf stability and quieter operation to the door. 

    Hörmann Sectional Garage Doors have a maximum size range of: Width starting from 2000mm up to 6000mm -- Height starting from 1875mm up to 3000mm

    For further information on the Hörmann Residential Sectional Doors, please view the 'Features' Section.

  • Features
    Hörmann Sectional Doors
    Customize your design with Scratch Resistance Glazing Elements

    For custom design, glazing elements can be added to the profile of the garage door. Glazing elements are a clear synthetic glazing that offers maximum scratch resistance and permanently clear view. This allows more light to the garage space and are usually placed along the top width of the garage door profile. The style and number of glazing elements is dependent on the respective door width, however, can be included within a quote from our experienced staff.

    Hörmann Sectional Doors
    Individual Panel Seals - Modern Energy Saving Door

    The double-skinned garage doors within the Hörmann Collection are particularly recommended for garages attached directly to houses. In addition to the LPU 42 with very good thermal insulation, the LPU 67 Thermo offers everything that is expected from modern construction. The LPU 67 achieves excellent thermal insulation due to sections featuring a thermal break. The very clean and even seal on spaces between sections with a double seal, in addition to an optimum floor connection through a double bottom seal compensates for floor unevenness and energy losses.

    Hörmann Sectional Doors
    Exclusive interior door view

    A great advantage for anyone who uses their garage as a hobby room or space wants a harmonious door profile internally as well as externally. The premium version of LPU 67 Thermo meets this aesthetic from the full frame, tracks, connection rails and all the fittings available in Grey White to match the door leaf. The door thereby blends harmoniously into the interior and adds value to your garage space.

    Hörmann Sectional Doors
    Harmonious overall appearance

    The Hörmann Collection sectional garage doors are distinguished by even and exact spacing of sections. The sections are specifically shaped so that the transitions are practically invisible when the door is closed. For the panelled style of the German Sectional garage doors, the height of the spaces between the individual panels are exactly even. 

    This creates a harmonious overall appearance that is visually appealing to create a clean perfect finish. On request, side doors are also available with the same section spacing as the sectional garage door.

    Hörmann Sectional Doors
    Optimum long-term protection

    A non-brittle 4 cm plastic shoe covers the frame where it is prone to rusting. This offers long-term protection against corrosion furthermore the frame shoe makes the bottom edge more visually appealing. 

    Hörmann Sectional Doors
    Wicket Door - Optional

    A door within a door lets you easily access whatever you have in your garage, such as bikes, garden equipment or stored items at any time. This is ideal for areas where a garage door is used as a pedestrian access point to avoid the need to open the entire garage door and expose the space.

    Only available in the Collection of Hörmann products, the wicket door offers a threshold frame that is only 10mm in the centre and 5mm high at the sides, reducing the risk of tripping while still matching your garage door profile. For a uniform look, the wicket doors are equipped with concealed hinges as a standard. Wicket doors come with secure locking mechanisms, however an optional multiple-point locking system is available, featuring one bolt and one hook bolt for each section across the length of the door. This increases stability and improves break-in resistance. 

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