Perimeter Protection Systems

Perimeter Protection Systems are a crucial part of any high-risk area and the Hörmann Collection has a range of security and high security products to help secure the area.

A variety of automatic, semi-automatic and fixed safety bollards are available, in addition to road blockers, lift barriers, tyre killers and optional accessories. Browse our online brochure to view all the options available for your business.

If you can't find the right finish or product you're looking for, visit our showroom or contact our team, and we'll work with you to achieve the perfect finish.
Perimeter Protection Systems

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  • Perimeter Protection Systems Description

    The superior German design of the Hörmann Perimeter Protection Systems that are marked by excellent quality, functional safety and a long service life. Our wide range of bollards with different functions, road blockers, lift barriers and tyre killers, through to complete control concepts allow us to provide all-inclusive access control solutions to the market.

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