Rolling Grilles

Available in four door options, the Hörmann Rolling Grille Doors are ideally suited for applications such as underground garages, shopping strips or centres and large open public spaces.

The Rolling Grilles allow for a visually appealing design while maximizing security with reach-through protection. Additionally, a variety of door system options are available includes varying motors, maximum size ranges and safety features in addition to option add on features.

For your ease and benefit you can view and download the seperate summarized Brochures for the Features and Types, or the Colours and Finishes of the Hörmann Rolling Shutters Doors or view the entire brochure below.

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Rolling Grilles

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  • Rolling Grilles Description

    The Hörmann Rolling Grille Doors are a range of roller door specifically suited to fit large openings and meet security requirements. The secure aluminium and steel designs allow are ideally suited for a range of applications such as underground garages, shopping strips or centres and large open public spaces. The high quality German design allows for little visual disruption to window or product displays, while providing reach-through protection. The doors are available in four door system types with varying motors, maximum size ranges and features, in addition to four Rolling Grille finishes or styles. 

    The Hörmann Rolling Grille Curtains are available in four door system types:

    • SB Roller Grille - Suited for shopping centres, agriculture and warehouses with simple manual operation or convenient opening solutions for door openings up to 6000mm x 4500mm 
    • TGT Roller Grille - Garage door solutions well suited for collective garages with wear free security technology and up to 300 door cycles per day
    • DD Roller Grille - A robust design that allows up to 12000mm x 9000mm that is an ideal choice for secure night locking of large openings. 
    • Classic Roller Grille - Ideal for individual solutions for opening widths up to 30 metres, such as large industrial warehouses. 


    For further information on the Hörmann Rolling Grille Doors, please view the 'Features' Section.

  • Features
    Rolling Grilles

    An aluminium curtain reinforced with V2 A stainless steel honeycomb connections. This is ideal for wide openings such as underground garages or multi-storey car parks where high numbers of door cycles are expected and normal. Maximum size range of 11750mm x 8000mm.

    Rolling Grilles

    The robust galvanised steel version is especially suitable for large widths and a high number of door cycles. Maximum size range of 12000mm x 8000mm.

    Rolling Grilles

    The elegant and space-saving aluminium version is particularly suitable for use in shopping centres. The grille and honey comb connections with aluminium cross bars provide additional reach-through protection while still allowing minimal disruption to the viewing of product displays. Maximum size range of 9000mm x 5500mm.

    Rolling Grilles
    HG 75

    The extruded aluminium profiles have a similar appearance to that of the RollMatic panelling and are available in a powder-coated surface finish. The door profile features 100mm x 40mm rectangular holes that can be arrange in a straight or offset arrangement. Maximum size range of 6000mm x 3500mm.

    Rolling Grilles
    Innovative Tension spring assembly

    Available for SB and TGT style doors, the manual door opening, and closing is facilitated significantly by the tension spring assembly. For Rolling Grilles with an optional opening system the tension spring assembly reduces wear on the mechanical door elements and opening technology.

    Rolling Grilles
    Cohesive and well thought out design

    With precise matching of the door, operator and control, this ensures the smooth operation of the Roller Grille. With a complete door solution from a single source, these components form the perfect team. Hörmann Rolling Grilles stand for durability and functional safety, they are also trouble-free to maintain.

    Rolling Grilles
    Matching side doors

    Consistent with the Hörmann Collection there is a matching side door for every garage door and available with an optional additional synthetic pane to provide full reach through protection.

    Rolling Grilles
    Break-In-Resistant Locks

    A lockable bottom profile with profile cylinder is available for SB, DD and Classic Rolling Grilles. This allows further break-in resistance for non-external (outdoor) Rolling Grilles such as shopping centres.

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