ThermoPro and ThermoPlus

Hörmann's outstanding collection of entrance doors showcases German design excellence, with numerous safety features and premium thermal insulation.

This collection of entrance doors offers three style ranges of Modern, Infill and Classic with an immense amount of styles, surface finishes, colours, glazing elements and additional options so you can perfectly match the architectural style of your project. For a complete cohesive design, we can suggest garage doors to compliment the entrance door.

These products are exclusively new to the Australian market and include numerous safety features and thermal insulation, while not compromising on the magnificent amount of style options available.

For your ease and benefit you can view and download the separate summarized Brochures for the Features and Types, or the Colours and Finishes of the Hörmann ThermoPro and ThermoPlus Entrance Doors.

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ThermoPro and ThermoPlus

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  • ThermoPro and ThermoPlus Description

    The ThermoPro and ThermoPlus Entrance Doors can be fitted to most entrance ways and are available in three style ranges of Modern, Infill and Classic with a variety of styles within each, to suit any building façade. As a luxury standard, all doors come with the exterior handles shown, however alternate handles are available as either lever or knob in stainless steel. The doors can be installed by Evenglide team however must be prior to lock up and finishes of the build.

    The Thermal Insulated Entrance Doors are available in two options: 

    • ThermoPro - The ThermoPro entrance doors provide great thermal insulation with 46mm thick interior and exterior steel door filled evenly with PU-foam
    • ThermoPlus - The high-quality ThermoPlus doors are equipped with a solid 65mm thick steel door leaf filled evenly with PU-foam. The ThermoPlus is the great when it comes to thermal insulation, saving you energy and money in the long term.


    In addition to the benefits of Thermal Insulation from the PU-foamed sandwich panels, they are also characterised by excellent acoustic, which creates good door leaf stability and diminshes street noise.

    The Hörmann Entrance and Residential doors can be installed by Evenglide team, however, must be during an initial or new build in collaboration with a builder. If you are interested in these doors for an existing build, we offer a no obligation and complimentary consultation with you and your builder/project manager to discuss the requirements that are needed for installation.

  • Features
    ThermoPro and ThermoPlus
    5-point Security Locking

    With two conical swing bolts that engage with two additional security bolts and one lock bolt in the frame's lock plates and pull the door tightly shut. The lock plates on ThermoPlus doors are adjustable for an optimal door setting. With the break-in-resistance this thorough, thanks to the soft-lock latch the entrance door still closes very quietly. 

    ThermoPro and ThermoPlus
    High Thermal Insulation

    Due to the high quality German design and evenly filled doors with PU-foam, the Hörmann Entrance Doors offer excellent thermal insulation to save you energy and money in the long term.

    ThermoPro and ThermoPlus
    Door Leaf without visible leaf profile

    The Thermal Insulated Entrance doors make for an exquisite and elegant reception - whether you use them for a main or side entrance. The shapely door leaf with its solid interior, exterior and leaf profile on the inside fulfils the highest design requirements. The interior view of the door harmonises perfectly with internal residential doors for a cohesive aseptic.

    ThermoPro and ThermoPlus

    The ThermoPro and ThermoPlus doors are equipped with multiple-point locking as standard. The hinge side is secured with three security bolts. For the ThermoPlus doors, the hinge side is secured with a continuous security strip, ensuring greater protection against the hinge side being forced open. 

    For even more security optional break-in-resistant RC 2 security equipment is available.

    Please note that break-in-resistant components are only effective in preventing burglaries when closed and locked, with key removed.

    ThermoPro and ThermoPlus
    Safe Glazing

    When it comes to industrial safety and burglar protection, the German designed entrance doors fulfil the highest demands. The 8mm thick laminated safety glass on the interior of the insulated glazing provides maximum security. In case of breakage, the glass splinters are bound and stay adhered to the plastic fil on the inside, virtually eliminating any danger of being injured by the shards. Furthermore, the laminated safety glass offers better protection against burglars as it makes reaching through more difficult.

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